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Terry Stevens

Professor Terry Stevens is an international tourism consultant. A love of travel and interest in landscape was inspired by a teacher of geography at Yeovil Grammar School and fuelled by fellow East Coker ‘villagers’; William Dampier (1651-1715) explorer, hydrographer and buccaneer; and the great twentieth-century poet, T. S. Eliot.

Terry arrived in Swansea to study Geography at Swansea University in 1970. After gaining his MSc in Land Management at Reading University he returned to work at the Wales Tourist Board and has lived in Wales ever since, where he learnt to speak Welsh.

After working as the Director of Tourism for West Glamorgan Council, Terry became Development Manager for Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments and later Dean and Professor of Tourism Management at Swansea Metropolitan University before establishing his consultancy business.

Terry Stevens is the author of Landscape Wales, a pictorial celebration of the glorious natural treasures and landscapes of Wales. Featuring spectacular mountains, dramatic coastlines, gentle lowlands and idyllic river valleys in over 80 photographs.

Twelve short essays by celebrate a dozen of Terry Stevens’ favourite and best-loved locations from around Wales, delving into their history and narrating their part in the story of Wales. His choices include soaring mountaintops, ancient monuments, modern architecture that defies tradition, and timeworn land, carved by Wales’ famous rivers.

Global Award for Wales-Based Tourism Consultant

LUXlife Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards

LUXlife Magazine honours those who work tirelessly to provide the best guest services, amongst fierce competition, allowing peaceful and tranquil holiday experience with our 2019 Hotel & Spa Awards. From private rentals and unique stays right to health and leisure treatments, LUXlife Magazine has left no stone un-turned when it comes to revealing and rewarding industries brightest and best.

This year’s award for the world’s ‘Best Destination Management Development Expert 2019’, according to LUXlife goes to Professor Terry Stevens, the Founder and MD of the multi-award winning, international, tourism consultancy based in Swansea – Stevens & Associates.

In making the award LUXlife state that, as a result of his special expertise he is now regarded throughout the tourism industry as an innovative thinker and a person who challenges conventions often pushing clients to think bravely, with innovation and creativity, about the opportunities to capture the interests of the visitors and the involvement of their community to deliver sustainable destination development or individual projects.

This challenging approach is based upon a sound understanding not only of tourism trends and their implications but upon a rigorous approach to identifying and learning from international best practice. As a result, his clients are exposed to in-depth information about the approach taken by the world’s leading tourism destinations and how they are managed. Terry has developed a number of unique destination benchmarking tools which have now been deployed in the analysis of over one hundred of the world’s leading destinations. This has not only given him insight and in-depth understanding of the critical success factors it has also resulted in a data bank of information which is readily shared throughout the extensive global network that has been created amongst all those he has worked with.

Indeed, it is his ability to connect these networks and to bring people from different destinations and disciplines together that creates the added-value so desired of the tourism industry today. His particular area of interest and expertise is in the dynamics of destination management and helping to create effective, competent and efficient destination management organisations. He is a strong advocate that the future of tourism will be about the destination – those relatively compact, well-run places, where tourism actually takes place and experiences are delivered.

Constantly driving Clients towards excellence, Terry’s work demonstrates that great tourism experiences and products tend to be located in great destinations. He works tirelessly with a wide range of managers and leaders to help them to create a space where their business can flourish.

Since establishing S&A, sharing knowledge and connecting people is the underlying goal of the company and Terry’s work. His expertise is openly shared with anyone with the curiosity to want to know more through conference presentations, workshops and seminars; by publishing in a wide range of sources including books, magazines, journals and being involved with the development of young talent through a close involvement with a large number of universities throughout the world. Terry has regularly spoken at Global Summits including those organised by the UNWTO, The Global Wellness Institute, Stadium Business and others as well as many international conferences on all aspects of tourism development.

This dedication to sharing his knowledge proves that he is committed to ensuring that there are appropriate policies and actions in place to ensure that there is a steady supply of talented, enthusiastic and culturally intelligent people being prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of tourism in the volatile, turbulent and unpredictable world in which tourism remains a growth industry and important force for peace and global understanding.

Looking to the future, over the coming two years, Terry will be focusing upon knowledge sharing and the dissemination of a lifetime’s work in the assessment and identification of international best practice. This will further enhance his international reputation for excellence in the industry.

In receiving this LUXlife accolade, Terry is proud of his own success, he believes that this award is the testimony to the excellence and commitment of the highly professional destination managers who have inspired him, and as such he dedicates this success to them.

Exploring the success of all their winners, Edward Faulkner, Awards Coordinator, states: “When people from across the globe need an, escape from their everyday lives to be pampered away from reality they turn to the specialists in the luxury hospitality industry. Whether they provide relaxing spa treatments, run boutique retail venues, offer gourmet cuisine or sporting pursuits, we at LUXlife Magazine is proud to offer recognition to each and every winner. I am proud of all of my winners and offer them my best wishes for the future.”

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