Edinburgh International Book Festival, graffeg

Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Edinburgh International Book Festival is back this August and this year we are delighted to have a number of our brilliant authors holding events.
Gaspard the Fox, Zeb Soanes, James Mayhew, Graffeg

Gaspard the Fox Artwork Competition - Winning Entries

Thank you all for your fabulous entries to the Gaspard the Fox artwork competition. It was really hard to choose, but Zeb and James's chosen winners are...
  • Celestine and the Hare, Bert's Garden, Graffeg

    Bert’s Garden

  • Perfect by Nicola Davies – Paperback

  • Ootch Cootch, Malachy Doyle, Hannah Doyle, Graffeg

    Ootch Cootch

  • The Red Squirrel Calendar 2019

  • 21st century yokel, calendar, 2019, tom cox, jo cox, graffeg

    21st-Century Yokel Calendar 2019

  • Snowdonia, Pierino Algieri, calendar, graffeg, 2019

    Snowdonia Calendar 2019

  • The Puffin Calendar 2019



A defunct village hall in North Suffolk,looking oddly like it is actually in Texas.
I love corrugated tin buildings.

💚Just preordered this beauty...
@cox_tom @graffeg_books

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Catalogue, Graffeg, Tudor Times

Catalogue, Graffeg, Jackie Morris
Catalogue, Graffeg, Tom Cox, Jo Cox