Jackie Morris is an internationally best-selling author who lives in a small cottage on the Pembrokeshire coast. Originally from Birmingham, Jackie visited Pembrokeshire over 20 years ago for the weekend and never left. She shares her home with her two children, her beloved cats, and two dogs.

Jackie’s work is informed by her deep love of nature, exploring the worlds of bears, cats, birds and whales. She combines these explorations with her dreamlike vision in which all of her work is immersed. In September 2014, Jackie published her first book with Graffeg, Cat Walk. She has written and illustrated books for over twenty years, both her own titles and illustrating for others, but has said that on a personal level no book has ever brought her as much joy as Cat Walk.

Jackie’s second book with Graffeg, Queen of the Sky, was published in May 2015. It is the true story of Ffion Rees who rescued a peregrine falcon from the sea and dedicated eight months to restoring her back to health before setting her free into the wild.

The Quiet Music of Gently Falling Snow will be published in September 2016.

Graffeg have a steadily growing range of Jackie Morris Greetings Cards featuring illustrations from her best-loved books for adults and children.

Prints of Jackie’s original paintings for Queen of the Sky, along with other favourite paintings, are sold by Graffeg.

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