Terry Stevens and guest speakers at the Zoom launch of Wish You Were Here, exploring some of the world’s great tourist destinations – Thu, 24 September 2020

Watch the event in full:

Hosted on Zoom by Graffeg, this event included:

  • An introduction to Wish You Were Here and the process of selecting the destinations by Terry Stevens.
  • A fascinating snapshot of a selection of the destinations and the people behind their stories with six speakers presenting in five-minute slots:
    • Willie Cameron, Highland Ambassador and hotelier, Loch Ness
    • Karmen Novarlič, Slovenian Tourist Board
    • Georg Steiner, CEO, Linz Tourism, Austria
    • Gerry Lennon, CEO, Visit Belfast
    • Tim O’Donoghue, The Riverwind Foundation, Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    • Patrick Torrent, Executive Director, Catalan Tourist Board
  • Inspired by Wish You Were Here, four international tourism experts choose a destination in the book that they have never been to and discuss how Wish You Were Here fired their imagination and desire to visit:
    • Misa Novak, The Founder of ALOHAS tourism organisation, Slovenia
    • Alastair Dobson, CEO, Taste of Arran, Scotland
    • India Thomason, Tourism Marketeer and Blogger
    • Lars Olsen, Project Manager, New Destination for the South West of Jutland, Denmark
  • All those who joined our launch received an exclusive offer of a signed copy of Wish You Were Here for £20, including postage and packing.

This book will give tourists and travelers a description of each of the 50 destinations with a personal explanation giving an insight as to why, and how, these destinations consistently deliver high quality visitor experiences. It aims to show the visitor how good management and an understanding of the importance of hospitality underpins the success of each destination. Tourists are now very interested in knowing more about how the places they visit are organized and how they get things right.

Praise for Wish You Were Here:

‘This is not a typical brochure language-driven, promotional bucket-list guidebook. Stevens gives these destinations real context. He tells us its personality, its mood, and not just the reason for being but its reason for resilience, perseverance and ultimate success.’ Peter Greenberg (Travel Editor, CBS News)

‘Stevens has produced a rich travel guide with a difference, applying his years of experience and insights putting a zoom lens on 50 destinations.’ Anita Mendiratta (Special advisor to the General-Secretary of the UN World Tourism Organisation)

‘It’s GORGEOUS! What a piece of work. I love everything about it – the content, photography, the layouts, the paper, the cover. I’m going to read the whole thing right through because there’s so much knowledge and wisdom in there and so much great storytelling. I love that the book makes an experience for the reader of enjoying a book about places which create experiences. Huge congratulations on such an epic achievement.’ Liz Terry (Editor and Owner of Leisure Media)

‘A fascinating insight into some of the world’s best tourist destinations. It is a must for armchair travellers and anyone interested in tourism.’ Jenny White ( Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales)

Look inside:

Professor Terry Stevens is an international tourism consultant who has now worked in 55 different countries around the world on all aspects of tourism development. A love of travel and interest in landscape were inspired by a teacher of geography at Yeovil Grammar School and fuelled by fellow East Coker ‘villagers’ William Dampier (1651-1715), explorer, hydrographer and buccaneer, and the great twentieth-century poet T. S. Eliot. After graduating from Swansea and Reading universities, Terry held senior posts in tourism organisations in Wales. His company, Stevens & Associates, has worked for major international development agencies, national and regional tourist boards and numerous private businesses. In 2019 he was awarded the LUXLife Global Tourism Development Expert of the year. He is the author of one previous title with Graffeg, Landscape Wales, a pictorial celebration of the country’s glorious natural treasures and landscapes.