The Tudor and Stewart period (1485-1625) ranks among the most significant in European history. With the extravagance of its lifestyles, expanding empires and the intrigue and suspicion of its courts, all ideally suited for TV adaptation, interest and engagement with Tudor and Stewart culture is now greater than ever.

This gift stationery range celebrates the personalities and aesthetics that define the age, and our continued fascination with it. The words of significant men and women, from Anne Boleyn to Erasmus, and Mary, Queen of Scots to Christopher Marlowe, have been utilised in this series of unique designs. These can now be enjoyed and shared through calendars, greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks and posters.

The insight and humour of the quotes selected still resonates with readers, and surprises with its almost contemporary sharpness and verve. A specific pack of postcards has been dedicated to one of England’s most quotable rulers, Elizabeth I, whose fierce independence and resistance to the norms of her society make her an iconic and popular figurehead in our own time.

Each pattern has been created exclusively for Tudor Times, drawing inspiration from the distinctive black-and-white architecture of the period and its formal garden design.

The new range is launched today, available online and through trade and gift retailers.

Tudor Times

Tudor Times was established in 2014 by Deborah Roil and Melita Thomas, and creates original content on all aspects of the Tudor and Stewart Period (1485-1625). The organisation’s website, social media channels and selection of e-books provide content about the people, places, daily life, religion, politics and economy of the British Isles in the 16th century, and the events that shaped them, within the broader context of Renaissance Europe. Material includes guest articles by internationally renowned authors, historians and curators.