The duo behind CILIP Kate Greenaway Longlisted Perfect return with The Pond, their second collaborative picture book, a heartfelt tale of loss, family and the importance of the natural world.

Since The Pond was published on 15 May, readers have been praising the new book.

‘This simply stunning book, in both word and illustration, tackles the subjects head on with realism and sensitivity. On first read, it completely blew me away. I cried and I smiled. I didn’t just READ the story, I most definitely FELT the story’ Where Reading Rocks, see the full review here.

“This book pulls at the heart, delights the eye. The pond itself glows like a jewel, Nicola Davies writes with a poetic beauty and Cathy Fisher shows a wonderful understanding of working text and pictures together to tell a tale.” Jackie Morris, Author and Illustrator

“A magical story about love and loss, and how opening our eyes to the wonders of the natural world can help to bring us together and heal the most broken of hearts.” Gill Lewis, Children’s Author

The Welsh family blogging group, familybookworms also created this gratefully received video review of the book.

Nicola Davies is an award-winning author, whose many books for children include The Promise (Green Earth Book Award 2015, Greenaway Shortlist 2015), Tiny (AAAS Subaru Prize 2015), A First Book of Nature, Whale Boy (Blue Peter Award Shortlist 2014), and the Heroes of the Wild Series (Portsmouth Book Prize 2014). She graduated in zoology, studied whales and bats and then worked for the BBC Natural History Unit. Underlying all Nicola’s writing is the belief that a relationship with nature is essential to every human being, and that now, more than ever, we need to renew that relationship.

Nicola’s children’s books from Graffeg include Perfect, The Word Bird, Animal Surprises, Into the Blue and the Shadows and Light series: The White Hare, Mother Cary’s Butter Knife, The Selkie’s Mate and Elias Martin.

Cathy Fisher grew up with eight brothers and sisters, playing in the fields overlooking Bath. She has been a teacher and practising artist all her life, living and working in the Seychelles and Australia for many years. Art is Cathy’s first language. As a child she scribbled on the walls of her bedroom and ever since has felt a sense of urgency to paint and draw stories and feelings which she believes need to be heard and expressed. Perfect was Cathy’s first published book, followed by The Pond.

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    The Pond by Nicola Davies (Hardback Edition)