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Lisa’s Army JustGiving’s Crowdfunder of the Year Award

Lisa’s Army fundraising campaign has received the JustGiving Crowdfunder of the Year award 2018

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Press Coverage & Reviews

‘Only One of Me is a beautiful book written to help families prepare for the death of a parent. It is the creation of Lisa Wells, a young mother who has been told that she has only a few months to live. The book is warm and positive and full of love, not at all despondent or gloomy. It’s an ideal way in to what must be a horrendously difficult conversation to have with young children.’ Pictures and Conversations

‘An extraordinary picture book, filled with love, comforting words in simple, poetic verse, this is such a moving and comforting book. The illustrations are charming and inclusive. They bring life and reality while they also bring comfort and the strength of the parent/child bond that will survive even death.I can’t think of a better book to help families facing all the challenges that bereavement brings, it is timeless, evocative, moving and flowing with positivity and reassurance.’ Fallen Star Stories

‘The illustrations for this picture book are outstandingly sensitive and beautiful, reflecting the love between father and son—happy times as well as sad… People often write books about their experiences of cancer, but it is unusual to find one written by a mum for her own children, and very welcome it is. Both books will be important additions to this most difficult subject.’ 5 Stars, Books for Keeps

‘Originally a crowd-funded project, Only One of Me has already become a valuable addition to the canon of literature that helps children deal with grief.’ Imogen Russell Williams, Times Literary Supplement

Featured in Juno Magazine, Winter 2018

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only one of me, michelle robinson, lisa wells, graffeg
only one of me, michelle robinson, lisa wells, graffeg
only one of me, michelle robinson, lisa wells, graffeg
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