New children’s tale celebrating one of the UKs favourite mammals, whilst numbers decline

‘The field grass hisses and Hare’s long ears rise like hands in class.
She spies a flash of sunrise, a tail tipped with cloud and…
…quick as a sniff, she’s a firm-footed lea-leaper’ Leap, Hare, LEAP!’

In the month that saw legal protection for the Scottish mountain hare achieved, Dom Conlon publishes his first poetical children’s tale with Graffeg – a lyrical tour through the different species of hare that can be found around the world, their habitats, and the threats they face.

Hare numbers in the UK have declined by 80% since the late 19th century, according to the Hare Preservation Trust. With numbers declining, Dom Conlon has written a poetical tale for children about the importance of these beautiful creatures. From the fields of Britain to the forests of Japan, the dry plains of America to the frozen Arctic, the reader joins a brown hare in a breathless chase as she seeks sanctuary from an unknown danger. Her plight takes her to the habitats of her cousins around the world and we learn what makes each species of hare unique and how they survive in such different habitats.

Each new environment is vividly brought to life by the enchanting and captivating illustrations by Anastasia Izlesou. This, together with Dom’s evocative and lyrical text, offers children the chance to explore nature in an inspiring and imaginative way. The book is completed by a list of facts and figures about the hare which link to the main text, wonderfully combining the fantastical and the factual and showing how remarkable hares are in all their diverse forms.

Publication 16 July 2020
ISBN 9781913134921

Paperback, £7.99

Leap, Hare, Leap by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou published by Graffeg
Leap, Hare, Leap by Dom Conlon and Anastasia Izlesou published by Graffeg