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Help Your Neighbour

Send a book at 50% discount with free shipping

A campaign to gift books to those in need
Graffeg April 2020

With so many people locked away because of the coronavirus pandemic, access to books has never been more important. Books can be a lifeline, an escape, a connection to another time or place, to a kinder, challenging or more exciting world, help with learning, understanding, fire ambition; they can challenge, change, comfort or confirm – sometimes all at the same time!

Books for some are beyond their budget, they just can’t afford to buy them. Children whose imaginations were sparked by what they found in the school or local library are now isolated at home. Parents tasked with educating their children are also fearful of losing their job – unsure about spending money on books when food and bills might soon become an issue. For these and others, books can be a respite from personal circumstances, but only if they are available.

Help your neighbour
We are launching ‘Help your neighbour’; a campaign to give books to those who might otherwise struggle to buy them. By using the coupon code ‘helpyourneighbour’, customers can purchase books for others at a 50% discount with free delivery. Graffeg will send your books to the person or family you nominate, to someone you know who might be struggling or in need of support, or to a charity to give to a family, a child or a person in need.

How to order:

  1. Visit our website and add the books you wish to donate to your basket.
  2. At the checkout add the coupon code helpyourneighbour.
  3. Either:
    • Add the name and address of where you want your order to be sent to the ‘delivery address’ field or the ‘order notes’ section.
    • Alternatively, leave the ‘delivery address’ field blank by unticking the ‘deliver to a different address’ box. This will tell us your books are to be donated to a local or national charity. (Don’t worry if your billing address still shows as the delivery address – your use of the coupon code will indicate to us that these are donated books and they will not be despatched to you).
  4. Your order will be sent with free shipping to the person or charity as you choose.

‘Help your neighbour’ has been launched to help others with the massive effect the coronavirus pandemic is having on everyone. Whether you want to help someone who is struggling with home-schooling, help an elderly or vulnerable person facing twelve weeks of isolation or perhaps even treat a key worker, we hope the campaign will provide educational and entertaining diversions for people, and maybe even help put a smile on someone’s face.