Graffeg to republish Koshka’s Tales by James Mayhew in October 2019

Meet Koshka, the extraordinary storytelling cat, as she spins a series of dazzling tales for a royal audience – accounts of the enchanting Snowmaiden, Sadko the minstrel and the Princess of the Sea, Prince Ivan, the Grey Wolf and the Firebird, and Baba-Yaga, the witch who lives in a hut with chicken legs.

Graffeg is delighted to be republishing Koshka’s Tales, a wonderfully imaginative adaptation of five timeless stories from Russian folklorewritten and illustrated by James Mayhew. Featuring unforgettable tales of handsome princes, wizards and princesses, golden apples and magical realms, the collection was first published in 1993 by Kingfisher Books and has been out of print for over 20 years.

Koshka’s Tales was described by Geraldine McCaughrean in The Times as ‘a marvellous book, its language as glossy and gratifying as its artwork… weaves real Eastern enchantment.’

Publisher’s Weekly said: ‘A vibrant and accessible collection of five Russian folktales… with illustrations that sparkle like a Fabergé egg.’

Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs, is delighted to see Koshka’s Tales back in print: ‘I adore Koshka’s Tales … Gloriously illustrated, beautifully told stories within a story, this is the perfect introduction to Russian tales for all ages…even seasoned folklore fans will be delighted by these masterful retellings. This is a book to be loved and shared time and time again, and I firmly believe a copy should be on every bookshelf.’

Author and Illustrator James Mayhew said: ‘I grew up with these stories, woven into the music of Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and Rimsky-Korsakov. These are powerful tales full of mystery and enchantment, and this book was a labour of love, written after a thrilling visit to Russia in the 1980s. I found it to be a beautiful country with a noble tradition of storytelling, and I wanted to honour those whose stories and music had given me so much joy. I really hope a new generation will enjoy this beautiful new edition from Graffeg Books – they are terrific stories and deserve to be retold and shared.’

Koshka’s Tales publishes in hardback on 24 October 2019.

Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia by James Mayhew, published by Graffeg
Koshka's Tales: Stories from Russia by James Mayhew, published by Graffeg