Broadcaster and writer Zeb Soanes to collaborate with illustrator James Mayhew on a series of children’s books about Gaspard the fox.

The series of children’s picture books will be inspired by Zeb’s encounters with an urban fox, Gaspard, who is reputed to be ‘the handsomest fox in London’ and who appeared at his home with an injured leg. Zeb fed the fox until she recovered and a powerful bond formed between the pair, with Gaspard a regular visitor, appearing at the sound of Zeb’s Brompton bicycle and eventually bringing her cubs to visit.

Since then she has become something of a social media star, with her Twitter page quickly gaining nearly 4,000 followers and her reputed taste for cave-aged parmesan attracting the attention of the national media. Now, the Islington-based vixen is to be the subject of a series of children’s books aimed at bringing the life of the urban fox before younger readers. “Foxes have enchanted humans for centuries” says Zeb. “My experience with Gaspard has created connections with complete strangers around the world who are captivated by her. When she introduced me to her cubs it was a heart-stoppingly special moment. I hope this book series will help children better understand foxes and their fascinating lives.”

Graffeg believe this new series will help tell the story of how important our relationship with city wildlife and nature is and should delight young readers enormously. With Zeb’s writing and James’ illustrations, the books should capture the imagination of both children and adults alike. Our recent publication The Fox Book created such a great response that we are pleased to have this opportunity to further highlight the life of the urban fox.

Zeb Soanes is a well known newsreader on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme and puts the nation to bed with the Shipping Forecast. He is a regular on The News Quiz, reports for From Our Own Correspondent and the BBC Proms. He has hosted public events for the Royal Opera House and narrates concerts with orchestras around the country. He was voted Sunday Times readers’ favourite voice on UK radio.

James Mayhew is an acclaimed illustrator, author, concert presenter and storyteller. James is the creator of the much loved Ella Bella Ballerina and Boy. He is also the recipient of the New York Times book illustration award. Graffeg are publishing a new edition of James’ much loved children’s book The Knight Who Took All Day in August 2017.

The first title in the series is due for release in May 2018.