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Christmas Bundles

Treat friends and family this festive season with some of our Christmas bundles. With something to suit all tastes, our bundles include books, children’s books, and gifts, such as calendars, postcards, greetings cards, mugs and more.

  • Rhyming Book Bundle

    £39.98 £30.00Sale!
  • Nicola Davies and Cathy Fisher Book Bundle

    £21.98 £15.00Sale!
  • Country Tales Book Bundle

    £13.98 £10.00Sale!
  • Helen Elliott Colouring Book Bundle

    £26.97 £20.00Sale!
  • Nick Cope Book Bundle

    £14.97 £10.00Sale!
  • Celestine and the Hare Book Bundle

    £41.96 £30.00Sale!
  • Celestine and the Hare Nortivity Bundle

    £26.97 £20.00Sale!
  • Ceri & Deri Book Bundle

    £15.98 £12.00Sale!
  • Alphabet Book Bundle

    £25.98 £20.00Sale!
  • Mali a’r Môr Stormus Bundle

    £20.98 £15.00Sale!
  • Molly and the Stormy Sea Bundle

    £25.98 £20.00Sale!
  • Gaspard the Fox Collection

    £40.97 £30.00Sale!