Making Suncatchers

Hi there, Baby Weasus here. Now the Spring is here and the sun is coming out more and more Small and I thought we’d make some suncatchers and would show you too so you can have a go.

You need:

  • some card
  • tissue paper
  • glue – we used a glue stick but you can use any glue you have
  • pencil
  • scissors (or a craft knife if you are good at using knives. We used scissors)

Get a piece of card any colour you like and draw a design onto it. You need to leave spaces all around the bits you are going to cut out.

I chose to do a sun because it is sunny and I like reds and yellows.

The spaces inside the lines are the bits you are going to cut out, so don’t make them too small or fiddly.

Small loves butterflies and is good at cutting out so he did a butterfly.

I then used my scissors to carefully poke a hole in the the shape and cut it out. Check that you don’t damage the table or your fingers. If you are grown up or extra good with knives you can use a craft knife. I asked Emily and she said I’m not big enough yet to use one so I used the scissors. Always check with who looks after you before using knives.

Small had lots and lots of cutting to do!

Nearly done…

Phew finished! I’m leaving mine as a square shape, Small cut all the way round his butterfly to make the shape.

If you can’t use scissors yet, you could ask someone to cut out a shape for you.

Now to add some colour. You cut out tissue paper to cover up the holes you made. I chose some red for the middle and then a square of yellow to cover up all the triangles and make the back neat.

I used a glue stick to stick the red piece down.

Then I glued around the edges and added the yellow over the top of it all. I had to jump on it a bit to get it to stick, but you can just press it.

Turn it over and ta dah! I’m going to help Small and then we can put them in the window to see them shine.

I helped Small with the glue stick as he is Small and there was lots of glueing to do. Small chose his favourite colour pink.

There was lots of sticking. He did some green for the body.

Done! Oops he forgot a little circle but never mind, it looks lovely anyway.

And turn it over… wow.

We then stuck them on the window with some blu tack but you could use sticky tape or thread and have them dangle. They look really fun. Next I’m going to make a jelly fish and Small says he’s going to do a bumble bee.

Send us pictures of your finished ones to go in our gallery for a chance to win a badge!

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