We is kitchen weasels we is making Peppermint Creams (no cooking required)

We is kitchen weasels and we is going to show you how to make peppermint creams

You need:

  • 1 egg
  • 225g of Icing sugar
  • 3-6 drops peppermint essence
  • food colouring (optional)
  • bowls and a whisk

First you need to break your egg and separate out the white from the yolk.

“Shall I get the hammer or  jump on it daddy?”

“Let’s just crack it carefully on the side of the bowl eh?”

We did it by carefully keeping the egg yolk in the shell and pouring the white out, but you can use a separator or pour it through your fingers if you have fingers and not paws like us.

Put the white in a bowl and keep the yolk to make an omlette or something with.

Start whisking the egg whites. It is quite hard work so you might need a break and swap paws sometimes.

“Can we have a choklit break, Daddy?”

“Just a little one then, Baby Weasus, we need that choklit later.”

“Right then, Baby Weasus, back to whisking!”

“Phew this is really hard work, Daddy!”

“Oi, Baby Weasus, where are you?”

“Just coming, Daddy…. hang on…. just having a rest”

Whisk the egg whites till they are fluffy

“Hurrah it is ready for the icing sugar now!”

Measure out 225g of icing sugar.

Best not sit on the scales while you are doing it or you get the numbers wrong.

Done it! Put it in a bowl…


“Not you, Baby Weasus, just the sugar…!”

Now you need to start adding the icing sugar to the egg, whisking it as you go.

 “Phew this is hard work, can we have another little choklit break?”

“Oh go on then, just a little one.”

While you are whisking in the sugar, add in 3-6 drops of peppermint essence too.

Once you have stirred in all the sugar, spoon it out onto the table or a board.

Depending on the size of your egg, you might not need all the sugar or you have to add more.

Knead the mixture till it is smooth and a big ball you can pick up, add icing sugar to stop it sticking.

You can add food colouring to make your peppermint creams a nice colour or you can leave them white. We divided ours up and did lots of different colours.

You can roll them into little balls and flatten them or you can cut out shapes.

“Look at me, Daddy! I’m cutting out heart shapes for Emily!”

“I made a white weasel haha!! Needs covering in choklit!”

” I like these star sprinkles, they make them look really pretty!”

“Oh erm yes, choklit… aren’t we meant to dip them in melted choklit daddy?”

“Um well, we seem to have run out of choklit, let’s just make them look pretty like this and you don’t have to use choklit….”

Leave them to dry on baking paper or put them in little paper cases if you want to give them as a present to someone.

“Hey, Daddy, I saved a piece of choklit, we can dip a few in!”

(Be careful melting the chocolate if you want to do this, ask someone to help you if you are not used to using hot things. We held a spoon over a mug of boiling water to melt it for these)

“They look really yum! Let’s go and take them to the others as a surprise. Emily is reading stories.”

“I like stories I do, maybe she’ll read it to us too”

“I’m sure she will, Baby Weasus. Emily is very kind”

 “We is kitchen weasels! We made you some sweets!”

“Oh wow thank you, King Norty and Baby Weasus. They look really yummy! Would you like a story as a thank you?”

“Oh yes please!”

We hope you enjoy making your Peppermint Creams! Send us pictures if your finished ones to go in our gallery – or we’ll take samples in the post…!

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