Welcome to the Tribe instructions on how to make a button whirlygig, as demonstrated by Baby Weasus and Small.

1. You need a big button and about 1 metre of string. It doesn’t matter if the button has two or four holes in it.

2. Thread the string through one of the holes.

3. Then thread the end of the string back through the other hole (or the diagonal opposite hole if you have 4 holes).

4. Tie the two ends of the string together in a knot.

5. You should now have a loop of string with a button in the middle of it. Put your fingers at each end of the loop where me and Small are.

6. Twizzle the string around and around like you are doing a skipping rope with your fingers ’til it has got all twizzled up tight.

7. Now you pull your hands out a bit to straighten up the string and the button should start to spin round really fast. You then relax your arms in a bit and then pull out again. Keep this up and the button should spin round and round really fast and start to make a humming noise. If it doesn’t keep spinning, it might not be heavy enough so either use a heavier button or shorten your string. Keep trying and you’ll get the hand of it and it will start to make a humming noise.

8. You can experiment with different buttons or a bottle cap with holes punched in it or with a circle of wood. They all make different noises. You can use heavy cardboard and colour it in so it makes patterns when you spin it.

Have fun!