Halloween Mini Pumpkins

Hello! Lots of people make pumpkin lanterns but they are quite hard work being so big. We are a bit small to make pumpkins so we thought we’d show you something you can do too if you are a bit small or just as an extra decoration. You can make lots of them.

We are making orange lanterns!

We are using knives and matches so if you are not used to using them on your own, get someone to help you.

Cut the top off your orange .

Be careful with the knife.

Once you have cut the top off, you can start to scoop all the yummy orange out. We did it into a bowl so Small could eat it afterwards. He loves oranges.

You might need to cut round the edges a bit to get all the orange out and you can squeeze a little bit but be careful not to split the skin.

Once you scooped out all the orange, have a slurp of what you scooped out and then you can decorate it.

We used a Lino cutter but you can use a knife or some pumpkin carving tools. If you use a knife be careful with your fingers.

You can carve patterns so you don’t go all the way through the skin to make it look pretty

Or you can carve a face like a pumpkin. We did a smiley one.

When you have finished, tidy up and then you can put a night light candle in it. Carefully light it watching that it won’t fall over and there’s nothing near it to catch fire.

The patterns will glow through like a pumpkin.

We hope you enjoy making your orange lanterns! Send us pictures of your finished ones to go in our gallery for a chance to win a prize.