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Bertram Likes to Sew

The Water Vole family have moved into the bottom of the garden. Bertram, the youngest of the family, doesn’t like swimming like other water voles, but he does love to sew. Despite his family and friends encouraging him to swim, he busies himself with sewing and repairing his family’s clothes.

A gentle story about being true to yourself and following your passions. Includes ecological notes and instructions for making your own teddy bear.

Published 16 March, available to order now.

Current Activity

Learn how to make pretty suncatchers to stick on your windows.


About Celestine and the Hare

Celestine and the Hare is a world where weasels are ruled by King Norty, pandas ride space hoppers and bears read stories to each other. Created by Karin Celestine, it is a world where the Tribe of Chokliteers resides along with a community of loving felt creatures. All are most welcome. Emily the Bear makes lattes, badgers make a mean espresso (which is why they are up all night) and the weasels hand out the Danish Pastries. It is a place that makes people smile and kindness is the order of the day.

Review: Playing by the Book

“The use of favourite toys (whether playmobil, lego or plastic animals) and found objects to set up scenes and scenarios is where many children first and most freely experience themselves as storytellers, and Karin Celestine’s wonderful, life-affirming books encourage us all to keep in touch with and to nurture the playfulness, exploration and hope of childhood.”

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