Tom Ferris is a publisher, historian and author. He has written 12 books and 30 video scripts to date, all relating to his keen passion for railway heritage. He is the Assistant Station Master at Bridgnorth, on the Severn Valley branch of GWR.

Tom’s first four books with Graffeg, the Lost Lines series, explore four railway lines in Wales, all built during the golden age of steam.

Each book  takes the reader on a nostalgic journey along the line, tracking the route from end-to-end and reveals the story of the line along the way; from its promotion and construction through to its heyday and eventual demise. The one exception to this is the Cambrian Coast Line which, as the author relates, narrowly escaped the closures of the 1963 Beeching Report and is still very much with us today, fulfilling the vital transport function for which it was built in the Victorian age.

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