Nick Shepley is a Cardiff-based history teacher who has written several books, most of which have been published via his website Explaining History. He has written texts, aimed at students, on subjects including early China, the Russian Revolution and the Story of Cardiff. He has recently been commissoned to write a complete history of the twentieth-century. In the summer of 2014, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, Nick Shepley and Graffeg released their Wales and the First World War pocket book.

The Imperial War Museum provided images for the book taken on the front line along with propaganda posters used at home in Wales. The book explores ten major events and areas of conflict, and how they affected the people and regions of Wales. Aspects of the war covered include Trench Life, No Mans Land, Gallipoli, and the stor of Thomas Edward Lawrence from Tremadog, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia.

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