Malachy Doyle

Malachy Doyle

Malachy Doyle grew up by the sea in Northern Ireland, and after living in Wales for many years has returned to Ireland. He and his wife Liz bought an old farmhouse on a little island off the coast of Donegal, where they live with their dogs, cats and ducks. Malachy has had well over a hundred books published, from pop-up books for toddlers to gritty teenage novels.

Over the years he has won many prestigious book awards, and his work is available in around thirty languages. Some of his 2018 books include Fug and the Thumps (Firefly Press) and Cinderfella (Walker Books).

In June 2018 Graffeg published Molly and the Stormy Sea, a children’s picture book written by Malachy Doyle and illustrated by Andrew Whitson. The book was published simultaneously in English paperback and hardback as well as Welsh and Irish language editions, Mali a’r Môr Stormus and Muireann agus an Fharraige Fhiáin.

Malachy’s second title with Graffeg, Ootch Cootch, publishes in August 2018. Ootch Cootch is illustrated by Malachy’s daughter, Hannah Doyle.

The second book in the Molly series, Molly and the Whale, published on 4 July 2019 in English, Welsh and Irish editions.


Molly and the Whale by Malachy Doyle and Andrew Whitson published by Graffeg

Molly and the Whale

Molly and Dylan wake up one morning to find a whale washed up on the beach. Molly’s dad shows them how to care for the whale as they wait for the tidy to come in. Molly sings to calm her, while the children and their friends work together to keep her cool and wet. But will they manage to help the whale back into the sea in time?

Written by Malachy Doyle and illustrated by Andrew Whitson.

Published 4 July 2019

English Hardback ISBN  9781913134044 , £12.99
Welsh Hardback ISBN 9781913134327, £12.99
Hardback ISBN 9781912929030, £12.99

Ootch Cootch, Malachy Doyle, Hannah Doyle, Graffeg

Ootch Cootch

Little Skunk has become separated from his family at a railway station. He only speaks Skunk, and the other animals are wary of his difference until Bel, a young badger, defies prejudice to help him find his family.

A heart-warming and topical picture book that examines prejudice and tolerance in the first picture book pairing by bestselling children’s book author Malachy Doyle and his illustrator daughter Hannah Doyle.

Paperback ISBN 9781912213382, £7.99

Publication 2 August 2018

Molly and the Stormy Sea by Malachy Doyle and Andrew Whitson published by Graffeg

Molly and the Stormy Sea

Molly wakes one morning to find her house empty. Her father has been out fishing in stormy seas and hasn’t returned from his trip. She takes her most precious possessions down to the harbour; a brass locket containing twenty little cowrie shells, a photograph of her father and her beloved doll Isla to offer the sea in return for her father’s safety. But will the stormy sea return her father and all the other fathers from the fishing trip?

Written by Malachy Doyle and illustrated by Andrew Whitson.

English Hardback ISBN 9781912654451, £12.99
English Paperback ISBN 9781912050130, £7.99
Welsh Paperback ISBN 9781912050123, £7.99
Hardback ISBN 9780993474590, £12.99
Irish Paperback ISBN 9780993474583, £7.99



Malachy Doyle double page spread in the Western Mail, July 2019

Malachy Doyle in the Western Mail july 2019

Malachy Doyle double page spread in Donegal Airport’s Take Off Magazine, June 2019

Malachy Doyle, Take out magazine