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Jane Russ

Jane Russ lives in West Wiltshire and as well as being Secretary of The Hare Preservation Trust is also a Westbury Town Councillor and recycling innovator for the town. Jane is also a print maker and does the artwork for all her end papers.

The Hare Book was published in May 2015 and at that stage, it was just a project funded by the HPT and Jane thought it would end there. However, with its unique insight into the nature, myth and legend and art and literature of this iconic animal, together with a detailing of the work of HPT, it became and still is, very popular and prompted Graffeg to commission Jane to write The Fox Book.

The Fox Book (March 2017) featured the work of The Fox Project that helps injured foxes and this too, covering the same format as the earlier work, became a favourite with readers of wildlife titles. The third book in what had become the ‘British Wildlife Series’, was The Owl Book (April 2018) it was a real labour of love covering as it did all owls considered ‘native’ (seven), with details of breeding, lifespan and threats. Myth and legend and art and literature were in there too and the featured owl charity was the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary.

The most recent work published in October 2018 was The Red Squirrel Book. The book is a wonderful insight into the frantically driven life of the red squirrel and, like the other books in the series, has proved very popular. The Mid Wales Red Squirrel Partnership was highlighted in this book and their wonderful work reintroducing the red squirrel to Mid Wales.

Jane is currently working on The Robin Book which will be published in October 2019 and she is also now series editing titles written by other authors; The Bee Book by Jo Byrne will be out in May.


The Bee Book

The Bee Book offers a unique insight into this most fascinating of creatures, including the mystery of the hive, the power of the queen and the many appearances of bees in folklore, literature and art. Written by Jo Byrne, series editor Jane Russ.

Publication May 2019
ISBN: 9781910862315

red squirrel book, jane russ, graffeg
The Red Squirrel Book

This compact and accessible guide introduces the reader to these instantly recognisable fixtures of British wildlife and documents their physiology, behaviours and continuing place in our consciousness. Including a range of over 200 spectacular images, it reveals why important efforts are being made to conserve this remarkable species.

Published October 2018
ISBN: 9781912654178

The Owl Book

The Owl Book, packed with stunning photography and interesting facts, is a must-have for owl lovers. The variety and unique characteristics of each species are explained, both those native to Britain and internationally, including the tawny, barn, snowy, long-eared, short-eared and little owl.

Published 20 April 2018
ISBN: 9781912050420

The Fox Book

A must-have for all fox lovers, offering a unique insight into this most divisive of creatures, from its place in British countryside and cities, to its vibrant history in myth, art and legend throughout the world.

Published March 2017
ISBN: 9781910862551

The Hare Book

Published in conjunction with The Hare Preservation Trust, The Hare Book offers a unique insight into these fascinating creatures; from its place in nature to its many appearances in art and literature.

Published May 2015
ISBN: 9781909823686

Praise for The Hare Book

“I am in the company of incredible writers, photographers and artists. How can this not be a best-seller! All hares would be happy with this!” Andrew Fusek Peters

“A beautifully produced book that explores not just the practical facts and details about hares but also dips into the vast collection of myths, stories and art inspired by these creatures. Glorious colour photos on every page. A great starting point for anyone with the slightest interest in hares and a lovely addition for those passionate about these rare and endangered animals.” Customer Review

“If you love Hares….I guarantee you’ll love this book…it has stunning pictures, a fantastic layout, and it’s very informative in an easy to reference way. This book is a MUST for your collection.” Customer Review