Gilli Davies

Gilli Davies is a food writer and Cordon Bleu chef from Wales. As an author, Gilli has written a total of twelve books on the food of Wales, Cyprus and Organic Produce. She has been involved with food, food journalism and broadcasting since about 1980.

Gilli’s passion for food started young, from the age of 19 Gilli was managing a bistro in Oxford, this then lead onto Gilli presenting a ten part BBC TV series on The Taste of Wales in 1990. Gilli has gone on to write many cook books over the years, often coming back to her Welsh roots.

Since setting up her own company she has ran cookery classes in her own home in West Yorkshire. As a loyal member of the Guild of Food Writers for the past 20 years, Gilli was elected as chairwoman in Spring 2007 and remained chairwoman until recently.

In 2011 we published Gilli’s Flavours of Wales recipe book, the book is ideal for those who enjoy simple and home-cooked dishes and flavours. The flavours of Wales is now available as a small pocket guide also and part of the Pocket Wales Collection.

In 2015 Graffeg published the Flavours of Wales Slipcase Edition. This collection of five pocket books, each with over 20 easy to follow recipes, celebrate the best of Welsh cuisine. Also available are the Flavours of Wales Cards featuring full recipes and the Flavours of Wales 2016 Calendar with a new recipe for each month.

The Flavours of Wales Collection was published in October 2015, followed by a collection of three Welsh cookbooks in November 2016 and another three in October 2017.

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